Dermatology PAC of Florida

The Dermatology PAC of Florida is an entity separate from the FSDDS and works to be a strong advocate for the dermatology profession in Florida by helping to support the election of candidates for state office, primarily the state House of Representatives and the State Senate.

The mission of the Dermatology PAC of Florida is to help maintain and strengthen political support for legislative issues facing dermatologists and their patients in Georgia. We seek to support candidates who either have demonstrated through votes in the legislature or by their statements that they agree with our concerns about protecting the quality of medical and surgical dermatology care in Florida.

Financial Support from Dermatologists

The Dermatology PAC of Florida is funded through contributions of dermatologists throughout the state. Dermatologists, we need your DONATIONS! Submit your contributions today... any amount will be greatly appreciated!

CLICK HERE if you want to help the Dermatology PAC of Florida identify and assist candidates who support DERMATOLOGY in the state of Florida! Regardless of membership, any person can donate to the PAC. Please note, when you click to register, you will be listed as an "attendee." This is only for processing purposes and will not be used to register you for an event.

* Under present law, no deduction is allowed for any amount paid for participation in, or intervention in, any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for public office. Personal and/or business contributions are permitted. *

Contribution Levels

  • Diamond - $5000
  • Platinum - $1000
  • Gold - $500
  • Silver - $250
  • Bronze - $100
  • Other (in increments of $10)

2019-2020 Dermatology PAC of Florida Contributors:

Platinum Gold Silver Bronze
Marc Inglese
Nishit Patel
Oliver Reed
Leyda Bowes
James DeVoursney
Ricardo Mejia
Andrew Weinstein
Marcy Alvarez
Debra Bailey
Mary Barber
Channing Barnett
Frederick Behringer
Keith Benbenisty
Howard Bueller
S Mark Burnett
Mariano Busso
Kevin Chun
Terrence Cronin Jr
Judith Crowell
Kip Cullimore
Valerie Davis
Robert DiBacco
Jacquelyn Dosal
Ana Duarte
Stephen Ducatman
Craig Eichler
George Elgart
Matthew Elias
Alfredo Fernandez
Shawna Flanagan
Theodore Fotopoulos
Anthony Fransway
Roger Golomb
Jeremy Green
Joseph Gretzula
Jeffrey Heller
Manuel Hernandez
Terrence Hopkins
Jerri Johnson
Brian Johnson
Larisa Kelley
J. Matthew Knight
John Kowalczyk
Larry Landsman
Nancy Ling
Clifford Lober
John Long JR
Gerardo Lugo
Michael Lutz
Laertes Manuelidis
John Meisenheimer
Luis Menendez
Russell Metz
Andrew Miner
Joshua Newman
Carlos Nousari
J Morgan O'Donoghue
Anthony Porter
Barry Resnik
Blas Reyes
Hobart Richey
Douglas Robins
Cynthia Rogers
Kenneth Rosen
Steve Rosenberg
Kate Ross
Ted Rudolph
Larissa Scanlan
George Schmieder
Stanley Schwartz
Jordan Schwartzberg
Michael Shelling
Shari Skinner
Kristin Smallwood
Michael Sofman
Charles Stoer
Robert Tawil
Jorge Torres
Jackie Tripp
James Watt
Susan Weinkle
Kevin Welch
Ross Wheeler
Henry Wiley
Cynthia Yag-Howard
David Yrastorza
Rahul Chavan
Oren Lifshitz
Patric McPoland
Justin Platzer
Michael Shiman

PAC Chair

Andrew Weinstein, MD
7740 Boynton Beach Blvd
Boynton Beach, FL 33437
Phone: 561-752-8000
Fax: 561-752-8001